We develop cool shit

düngen: [German] to fertilize (with poop)
engineering: [English] the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures (not necessarily with poop)

We are a Montreal-based electrical and software engineering consulting firm, founded in 2010. We're always eager to work on cool projects with cool people. Sounds good? Simply get in touch if you'd like to hire us or be hired by us. But first check out some of our previous projects below.

Nous sommes un bureau de consultants en génie électrique et logiciel, fondé à Montréal en 2010. Notre plaisir c'est de travailler sur des projets cool avec du monde cool. Intéressant? Contactons-nous pour nous engager ou pour se faire engager par nous. Commençons par regarder nos derniers projets ci-bas.


Look, a camera!

The first IP camera with geolocation capability that could easily connect to WiFi via touchscreen.

A functional prototype for Koozoo inc., we designed and developed the hardware working closely with Leopard Imaging. The prototypes were factory-produced in small batches and deployed across San Francisco and used actively from 2011-2013.


Look, a reelceiver!

The first plug 'n play, daisy-chainable active RFID sensor with real-time location capability.

We designed and developed the hardware and sensor architecture that would become the core of reelyActive technology in 2012 when it was incorporated as a separate entity.


What can we do for you?

We provide fertile ground for the development of your cool shit, specifically:

Low-power wireless

Battery-powered devices that communicate using proprietary radio, Bluetooth Smart, etc.

Real-time location

Systems that can locate/track low-power wireless devices both indoors and outdoors.


Simple sensors that communicate information to a server or the Internet.


Application-specific IP cameras and optics.

Web applications

Especially those for locating low-power wireless sensors in real time.

Advisory services

Perhaps all you need is a few hours of our time!